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KOCMOC - Made in Russia

The color of the sky is completely black. The Earth is surrounded by a characteristic blue halo. This halo is particularly visible at the horizon. From a light-blue coloring, the sky blends into a beautiful deep blue, then dark blue, violet, and finally complete black”, this is how Yuri Gagarin described the color of the cosmos. The radiance of the cosmic lights is reflected in the gradient dial of the КОСМОС watch.

Distant planets inspired the Orbit company to create the КОСМОС brand – a stylish Russian-made watches. The owner of the company, a physicist by education, thought about the revival of the Soviet tradition of watchmaking. The watch in the USSR has always been associated with high-precision technology, which includes, of course, spacecraft. Nowadays people sometimes forget that the first satellite of the earth was launched by the USSR, the first cosmonaut and the first man who went into outer space were Russians.

The mission of the brand КОСМОС: to revive the interest in space exploration by younger generation. Indeed, as the space flight theorist Tsiolkovsky said: "The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever."

Soviet traditions and modern technologies are combined in the КОСМОС watches. Their vintage style is a tribute to the great researchers and philosophers of the past, whose dreams are embodied in the present.