About Brand

About Brand

КОСМОС is a Russian watch brand - founded in 2018.

The first Earth satellite, the first cosmonaut, the first man to go into outer space - all of this came from the USSR. The КОСМОС (eng. -Space) watch was created in honour of the brave explorers who, in reality and not on the big screen, have gone where no man has gone before. The space and watch industries at that time were united not only by the name, but also by the use of high-precision technology and durable materials.

It was the distant planets and Soviet space achievements that inspired Orbita to create the КОСМОС brand. The owner of the company, a physicist by education, thought about reviving the Soviet traditions of watchmaking.

The design of КОСМОС watches is inspired by the best works and traditions of Soviet masters, it is based on modern watchmaking technologies and the charm of retro style.

The highest quality materials are used in the production of the watches: antiallergic, non-magnetic steel, wear-resistant PVD coating, genuine leather, high-strength spherical mineral glass and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating (depending on the model). We have selected the best Japanese movements - quartz and automatic - which sometimes surpass the accuracy of their Swiss counterparts.

The limited-edition КОСМОС collections feature automatic watches with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The day of the week is displayed in two languages: Russian and English. The bracelet is complemented by a comfortable folding butterfly clasp.

The first limited edition of the КОСМОС brand was named Marsohod (Mars Rover), in honour of the vehicle capable of travelling on the surface of the red planet. The Mars rover is associated with brutality, craftsmanship and technical complexity. Our country launched such vehicles twice in the 1970s.

The square-shaped case with rounded corners is made of polished and satanized stainless steel. The comfortable crown is in the form of a nut. The case back is transparent, which is traditional for automatic watches. Through this special window, you can see the movement of the TMI mechanism. It is decorated with an engraving of an astronaut. The case back is fixed with four screws, providing increased water resistance of 10 atmospheres. The case lugs are ergonomically shaped to lie comfortably on the wrist.

In the brand's collection, the series with domed glasses and dials attract attention: this design is characteristic of watchmaking in the 60s and 70s of the last century. The design of the dials contains gradient combinations- a light, bright center and a darker edge. In these models, the hands are also curved at the ends, repeating the curvature of the dial. The mineral glass is curved on both the outside and the inside.

The case back on the quartz movement watch has an engraving in the shape of a space station of the future. On automatic watches, thematic embellishment adorns the rotor. The КОСМОС watch logo, an image of the Earth with the orbit of a spacecraft, is engraved on the crown of the watch.

The КОСМОС watches are available on genuine leather straps, on steel bracelets with cast links and on Milanese bracelets. In some series, a special fastener allows you to replace the strap or bracelet on the watch yourself.

The КОСМОС brand presents 11 collections: 9 men's and 2 women's collections, four men's collections are limited editions, where each watch model is labelled with an individual number.