Care of your watch

Bracelet / strap maintenance

Bracelet watches

Direct contact with sprays including hair spray, deodorants or cleansers may damage your watch.

Leather strap

Leather strap wear and tear depends on climate conditions, perspiration acidity and frequency of wearing. Observe precautions to prolong your leather strap life.

  • avoid continuous exposure of your strap to water
  • avoid continuous exposure to sunlight
  • avoid direct contact with solvents, cleaning materials or perfumes.

Waterproof models

Before water contact always make sure that the winding stem of your watch is tightened up. Hard blow may cause irrecoverable damage to the watch water resistance capacity.

Waterproof watches shall be opened and closed only in certified service centers.

Automatic watches

The self-winding mechanism in such watches maintain winding while the watch is on your wrist. However, if the watch is off the wrist, it will preserve the winding for 24-48 hours. To restart the watch after stop, wind them manually. The special box for mechanical watch with self-winding mechanism is the alternative.

Quartz watches

All quartz watches operate on batteries and require no additional winding. If your quartz watch has stopped, replace the battery as soon as possible. A defective battery may cause major damage to watch mechanism, unless immediately replaced.